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We’ve chosen our seven-day student suppers because they’re nutritious, balanced and cater to a range of dietary requirements. They’re budget meals, too, so they don’t require expensive ingredients, lots of equipment or previous cooking experience. The seven-day meal plan also aims to keep the selection of ingredients low so you can buy in bulk to keep costs down. And the best part is, all the suppers involve minimal prep and result in as little washing-up as possible.


Recipes that serve four or more can be scaled back to account for smaller servings, or you can freeze extra portions for another time. Alternatively, team up with a couple of housemates and share the cooking and the cost.

Check out our easy week-long meal plan of healthy student suppers below, then find more inspiration for student recipes and healthy student meals. Also, make sure you are kitted out with all the right equipment by reading our review of the best student kitchen essentials.

7 student budget meal plan

Student budget meal plan recipes


Vegan jambalaya


Sardine pasta


Double bean & roasted pepper chilli


Vegan chickpea curry jacket potato


Tuna & sweetcorn fishcakes


Sweet potato & chicken curry


Spiced shepherd's pie

Shopping list

Shopping list for the healthy student budget meal plan.

For more budget recipe inspiration, money-saving tips and useful guides, take a look at our 5-ingredient budget meal plan and other plans available in our budget recipe hub. We'd love to hear how this meal plan goes for you and, if we were to repeat it, what you'd like to see more of, or done differently. Please use the comment box below to let us know, or tag us on social using #gfcooksmart.


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