Our colourful non-alcoholic mocktail recipes are anything but boring. Whip up an elegant gin-free G&T bursting with botanical flavours, or try our fruity piña colada mocktail for a retro classic. Perfect for teetotallers, designated drives or simply for relaxed evenings with friends, our mocktail recipes are ideal for kicking off your next celebration.


For more drinks ideas, like a refreshing pineapple & lime mocktail and a fabulous pear and rose punch, discover our ultimate collection of non-alcoholic drinks recipes. Also visit our alcohol-free drinks hub for more mocktail ideas and drinks round-ups.

1. Virgin mojito

Non-alcoholic mojitos in glasses with straws and mint

Our virgin mojito is a tasty non-alcoholic twist on the classic cocktail, skipping the usual rum to create a refreshing booze-free blend that’s ideal for hot summer days. If you prefer your mojito to be a bit sweeter, try swapping out the soda water with lemonade.

Fancy something a little bit different? Check out our ‘pomegranate mojito mocktail’ which contains a delightful mix of pomegranate seeds and juice.

2. Gin-free G&T


Being the designated driver doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite tipple. This simple gin-free G&T recipe uses chamomile, cardamom, mint, cloves and rosemary to create a divine botanical flavour. Try garnishing with a few mint leaves and pomegranate seeds for an eye-catching flourish.

3. Alcohol-free passion fruit martini

Passion fruit mocktail in glasses with fruit halves

Looking for something fun and fruity? Look no further than our picture-perfect alcohol-free passion fruit martini. Use an alcohol-free spirit to add some subtle spice and complex flavours to pair with the sharpness and sweetness of the fruit. Give your mixture a good shake to create the characteristic frothy foam topping.

4. Negroni mocktail

Negroni mocktail in glass with orange and ice

Capture the classic bitter, citrussy flavours of a negroni in a spectacular mocktail. Use grapefruit, orange and aromatic spices to create a simple syrup base, then mix with white grape juice, water and ice for a slow sipping negroni mocktail. This delicious drink tastes just as good as the real thing.

5. Spiced piña colada mocktail


If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, we have a mocktail to top all other mocktails. Our spiced piña colada uses ingenius mock rum syrup, pineapple juice and coconut milk to create a creamy tipple with plenty of tropical flavours.

To make it even more special, try garnishing with pineapple leaves and a tinned cherry for extra kitsch value.

6. Sidecar mocktail

Sidecar cocktail in glass with orange slice

This sophisticated sidecar mocktail is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, with an underlying smoky flavour from lapsang souchong tea. The secret ingredient is a spoonful of orange marmalade, shaken and dissolved into the mix. Stir in some honey and garnish with a dried orange slice.

7. New York sour mocktail

Mocktail in glass on table

Just because your drink is alcohol-free, doesn't mean you can't show off your cocktail shaking flair. Mix up our eye-catching new york sour mocktail, with a layer of sharp pomegranate juice and a foamy egg-white topping. The rich and malty assam tea paired with citrus and maple syrup creates a wonderfully nuanced mocktail.

8. Summer cup mocktail

Summer cup mocktail in glass with berries

Treat yourself to something cool and refreshing to sip in the sun and try our summer cup mocktail. Use cucumber, mint and a mix of summer berries to create a flavourful base for your mocktail, then top up with sparkling lemonade and garnish with your favourite summer fruits.

Want to experiment with more fruity summer recipes? Try our zingy blackberry lemonade, or for a frozen treat to cool you down, try our raspberry lemonade slushies.

9. Apple, elderflower & mint sparkle


Perfect for a picnic in the sun, our apple, elderflower & mint sparkle uses elderflower cordial and cloudy apple juice to make a fruity and grown-up, non-alcoholic punch. The recipe can also be easily doubled or halved depending on how many you're serving. If you don’t have any mint, try swapping it for fresh rosemary.

Got a hunch that you’ll need more punch? Try our driver’s punch recipe with cranberries, blood orange juice and apple.

10. Faux fizz


No party would be complete without something bubbly to hand. Our clever faux fizz is perfect for raising a teetotal toast at any celebration. The apricots, pear, honey, lemon and rosemary make a deliciously fruity syrup base, with a hint of floral flavours. Look no further for a sophisticated tipple that no one will turn down.

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