As one of the largest appliances you can buy for your home, a fridge-freezer requires thorough research before you part with your money. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current model for a lower cost to run, larger capacity, or simply extra functionality like an ice maker, finding a discounted model is a definite win. We're all looking for opportunities to save money where we can.


Head over to our best fridge-freezers guide for a thorough walkthrough of everything you need to know and ask yourself as you shop.

We teamed up with experts from AO, Currys and Appliances Direct, who provided product recommendations. There were then then assessed by an independent white goods expert who helped us compile the final list. Now, we're bringing you the biggest deals available to help you make the most of the sales.

Many of us are looking to buy lower-wattage appliances to save money in the long run. In the best fridge-freezers guide, you’ll find plenty of expert advice concerning how to look after your appliances, as well as energy-efficient options in the best list. Head to our guide to energy-efficient cooking and best energy-efficient appliances article for more money-saving advice. If you're also looking to get rid of your current appliance, read our guide on how to recycle electricals and appliances.

We’ll be price-tracking our top-rated products and updating this page regularly to bring you the best prices, so don't forget to bookmark this page.

For recipes, resources and ideas for how to eat well on a budget, discover our Cook Smart campaign and our complete guide to energy-efficient cooking. Or visit our reviews section and discover more than 600 practical buyer’s guides offering unbiased advice on what equipment is worth investing in. Find everything from the best food processors to other energy efficient kit such as best air fryers and best microwaves.

Fridge-freezer deals at a glance

Here are a few opportunities to pick up your chosen fridge-freezer at a discounted price or even find a higher-spec model for less. Here are a few of the deals being offered by brands and retailers.

  • Amazon – deals across thousands of products
  • Ninja – save up to £80 on selected Ninja products
  • John Lewis and Partners – discounts across electricals and homeware
  • Boots Appliances - savings across large appliances, TVs and more
  • Appliances Direct – up to 40% off in the end-of-season sale
  • Currys – save on small and large appliances
  • – deals on microwaves, coffee machines, air-fryers and more
  • Robert Dyas – savings across kitchenware, accessories, appliances and more
  • Argos – deals across all product categories
  • Very – offers from home and electricals
  • JD Williams – discounts available now across air-fryers and stand mixers

Some retailers, including John Lewis & Partners, and Currys guarantee to match a price if you find a product being sold cheaper by another retailer. Keep your eye out for useful additions like free delivery as these make all the difference, particularly when buying large white goods.

Fridge-freezer deals 2023

Bosch Series 6 KGE49AICAG

Best large energy-efficient fridge-freezer

Bosch Series 6 KGE49AICAG

With a generous 413-litre capacity and a C energy rating, this fridge-freezer is a great choice if you’re looking for something spacious and energy-efficient. There’s a useful super-freeze function that freezes food quickly and Bosch’s VitaFresh system keeps your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

Available from:

Hotpoint 339 60/40 fridge-freezer

Quiet Mark-certified budget fridge-freezer

Hotpoint H1NT 811E W 1

You don't need to compromise on space if you're looking for an affordable refrigerator on a budget. This 60/40 model offers three drawers in the freezer and adaptable shelving for accommodating larger bottles in the fridge. There are also antibacterial seals and a humidity slider to help you get the most from your fresh produce. Just keep an eye on its F rating for energy-efficiency – not unusual for relatively new models today due to the recent changes to classification.

Available from:

Beko Integrated 50/50 frost-free fridge-freezer BCFD350

Best integrated fridge-freezer

Beko Integrated 5050 Frost Free fridge-freezer

The 50/50 split of this fridge-freezer is particularly useful if you like your fresh produce as well as a fully stocked freezer. This model comes with a handy salad crisper as well as a wine rack. It's also frost-free, preventing those annoying icy build ups. The generous capacity makes it a great choice if you're looking for a simple fridge-freezer deal.

More like this

Available from:

Hisense Integrated 50/50 frost-free fridge-freezer

Best fridge-freezer for small households

Hisense RIB291F4AWF fridge-freezer

Ideal for households with a small kitchen, this Hisense fridge-freezer is a simple, low-maintenance option that comes with some clever features – including a SuperCool setting, which quickly cools the fridge section when lots of new shopping has been loaded in.

The controls are located at the top once the door has been opened, and from there you can set the temperature of the compartments and turn it on and off. This model is also frost-free, so all the space can be used without dealing with the mess of defrosting.

Available from:

Hisense American fridge-freezer FMN440W20C

Best fridge-freezer for medium households

Hisense American Fridge Freezer

A great choice for medium-sized families, this fridge-freezer offers ample space for produce and cartons in the fridge, and leftovers and frozen goods in the freezer. There’s a plumbed-in water dispenser to keep you hydrated throughout the day and Holiday Mode keeps energy costs down while you’re away.

Available from:

Fridgemaster 50/50 frost-free fridge-freezer MC55251MS

Best budget fridge-freezer

Fridgemaster 5050 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

As one of the best budget fridge-freezers, why not pick this model up for a discount today? White goods experts rated this model for its spacious interior, reversible doors and for being frost free. It also features Multi Airflow Cooling, which circulates cool air through the fridge compartment, producing an even temperature inside.

Available from:

Samsung Family Hub wifi-connected American fridge-freezer RS6HA8880S9

Best smart fridge-freezer

Samsung Family Hub™ RS6HA8880S9

For a fridge with all the tech bells and whistles, this has everything you'll need. It has a large touchscreen on the door that can be used to create shopping lists, share recipes, play music and much more. There are also cameras inside the fridge that let you see what you've got without opening the door, plus a water, ice cube and crushed ice dispenser on the front.

Available from:

LG InstaView ThinQ wifi-connected American fridge-freezer GSXV91BSAE

Best American-style fridge-freezer

LG InstaView™ ThinQ™ WiFi Connected American Fridge Freezer

Another high-tech fridge-freezer to grab a great deal on, with savings currently up to £700. It has a unique, large glass window into the fridge compartment: just knock twice to see inside without having to open the door. It has a water and ice dispenser, and is wifi-compatible so you can control it from your phone.

Available from:

LG Centum 70/30 frost-free fridge-freezer

Best energy efficient fridge-freezer

LG Centum 7030 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

This fridge-freezer has been awarded a class A in energy efficiency — a rare accolade not to be ignored as it will significantly help to keep your energy usage (and bills) down. It also features numerous innovations with the aim of keeping food fresher for longer and reducing food waste. It does this by moving cool air continuously around the fridge, ensuring an even temperature throughout.

Available from:

LIEBHERR Pure NoFrost CNd5704 fridge-freezer

Best energy-efficient freestanding fridge-freezer

LIEBHERR Pure NoFrost CNd5704

This fridge-freezer has lots of innovative features. The fridge compartment features a Super Cool mode to quickly chill food, ideal if you're unpacking a food shop. It also has technology to automatically adjust the humidity of the fridge to help keep food fresher for longer. There is also a No Frost function which makes sure none of the valuable fridge space is taken up by frost.

Available from:

How to calculate your kWh usage

Because a fridge-freezer is kept on all the time, most retailers will work out the average yearly kilowatt hour usage for you. This will be listed in the key specifications on the product listing.

The actual cost per kilowatt hour for a fridge-freezer varies. Factors like where you live and your energy tariff provider will mean that the final price you pay for running the fridge-freezer will vary from household to household.

How to shop safely online

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. When looking for fridge-freezer deals, shopping with retailers and brands you trust will help you to avoid scams.

We recommend that you avoid shopping from websites or private sellers you don't know, and don't give out personal information similar to security questions - as these can be used to predict passwords. We only include deals we're comfortable are real opportunities to save on this page.

How do we find fridge-freezer deals?

Our experts track prices throughout the day of models that feature in our guide to the best fridge-freezers, to identify opportunities to save. There are also dedicated sales days we track too, where brands and retailers compete to offer the lowest price, like Amazon,, and John Lewis and Partners.

Prices fluctuate across the day as a result, so this page will be updated live when new deals pop up.

How do we select fridge-freezer deals?

The fridge-freezers listed in our guide are the top performers of more than 40 shortlisted, tested and reviewed by the BBC Good Food team.

Among a host of criteria, we look at performance in energy efficiency and adaptability so that the format can be altered to your needs. Discover which fridge-freezers were rated best and awarded five stars in our best fridge-freezers guide.

How to get a good fridge-freezer deal

  • Read reviews: Our experts have tested a range of different fridge-freezers on the market, so we really do know the best models around. All our reviews are impartial and include up-to-date guidance on the products actually worth your money.
  • Buy when you see a price you like: many discounts won't be around for long, so don't hang around when you find a good deal.
  • Stick to a budget: to make the most of the deals available, try to set a budget and stick to it.
  • Use tools to alert you to good deals: websites like CamelCamelCamel are useful as they track the price history of Amazon products, so you can see how they've fluctuated over time.

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