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One pot can provide you with a healthy, hearty family meal and minimise time spent cooking in the kitchen – not to mention the washing up afterwards. We've got something for everyone, whether you're craving a veg-filled supper, a marvellous meaty classic or a filling fish stew. Chuck in your ingredients, unwind on the sofa then enjoy a delicious meal bursting with health benefits.

Try these top 10 healthy one-pot recipes and you'll never look back. If you want even more inspiration, see our ultimate recipe collection or try our squash, chicken and couscous one-pot (pictured above).

1. Curried cod


Spice things up midweek with our quick-to-make curried cod fillets. With a couple of humble storecupboard cans of chickpeas and chopped tomatoes, plus curry powder, fresh ginger – and of course, fresh cod – you can create a low-calorie supper that tastes amazing. Getting home late after a long day? Spend a grand total of just 10 minutes prepping the ingredients.

Want something with even fewer ingredients? We hear you. Our cod with olives & crispy pancetta needs just four key ingredients and a casserole dish. Discover more recipes for this versatile flaky fish in our cod recipe collection.

2. Spinach, sweet potato & lentil dhal


Curries lend themselves particularly well to one-pots as the flavours need to mingle and intensify. Our vegan spinach, sweet potato & lentil dhal ticks all the boxes. It's a comforting classic that counts as three of your five-a-day, is low-fat, iron-rich and can be frozen for future speedy meals. Try our fragrant courgette & prawn curry for a lighter, summery curry.

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3. Chicken & chorizo jambalaya


If you're a fan of Cajun spices, this chicken & chorizo jambalaya uses spicy Spanish sausage for an extra meaty kick. Simply add your ingredients one by one and simmer until tender. Try using up any leftover Cajun seasoning with pan-fried chicken, tortillas and all the trimmings. Or take a culinary trip to North Africa and cook our Moroccan chicken one-pot, topped with crumbly feta and refreshing mint and lemon.

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4. Pisto con huevos


Why not try a traditional Spanish take on ratatouille, using seasonal veggies, topped with a runny poached egg. Pisto con huevos makes a simple, low-fat dinner where everyone can help themselves. Serve with a rustic loaf for mopping up the sauce and a fruity red wine for the grown-ups. You could also try a twist on this recipe for a luxurious weekend breakfast or brunch – our healthy one-pan eggs. Get those soldiers ready for dipping.

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5. Turkey tortilla pie


Switch up your chilli con carne and try our turkey tortilla pie for the ultimate enchilada-nacho mash-up. You won't believe this wonderful cheese-topped one-pot is low-fat and low-calorie, but it's true. Add a squeeze of chipotle paste to bring a subtle smokiness along with a little spike of heat.

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6. Butternut squash pilaf


Go for a rice pot recipe like our vibrant veggie squash pilaf. This flavourful dish topped with crispy onions is packed with fruit and nuts, plus ginger and garlic for a help-yourself dish that will have everyone coming back for seconds. If you prefer sweet potato to squash, try our Moroccan vegetable stew for an iron-rich meal that you can freeze for easy midweek suppers.

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7. Fruity lamb tagine


A succulent, superhealthy one-pot that's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, our fruity lamb tagine can be made in advance to save time. We cannot resist the tender lamb and rich tomato sauce with sweet apricots, spiced using traditional ras el hanout, so we won't even try. For a milder, more family-friendly option, try our tasty butternut squash & chickpea tagine. We guarantee kids will love it as much as grown-ups – and it packs in four of their five-a-day in one delicious bowlful.

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8. Spring chicken in a pot


One-pots don't have to be confined to winter. Forget stodgy sauces or cloying stews, this chicken one-pot is packed with spring greens, herby pesto and fresh new potatoes. If you're looking for something light and filling at the same time, this is the one-pot for you. It's budget-friendly and freezable to boot.

For another budget option, turn to our honey mustard chicken pot with parsnips. You can make it in 45 minutes, but if you have more time, let it bubble gently for up to 90 minutes for maximum tenderness.

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9. One-pan spicy rice


You're only 20 minutes away from a simple spicy rice dish with crunchy cashews, fruity raisins and a cooling yogurt drizzle. Try gently frying your garlic with the curry paste for one minute on a high heat for an extra toasty flavour. If you're looking for more tang, add a dollop of mango chutney to the mix. If you're a fan of fish curry, our one-pan tikka salmon with jewelled rice will give you a dose of omega-3.

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10. Prawn jambalaya


Indulge in beautifully spiced seafood that's low-calorie and really easy to make in the form of our prawn jambalaya. It's never been easier to put a pop of colour on your dinner table and get four of your five-a-day in one serving. Or, try a Spanish twist with our healthy take on paella. Use a bag of mixed frozen seafood to save any messy prep work.

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